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Mrs. Idaho America 2011 Kristie Bear

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Christy Stansell ~ Mrs. Canyon County 2012

Hi there!
Here are a few pictures from recent events.... Let me know if you want "just one" of each event, or a couple, or what works best.

Idaho Food Bank - I dropped of a bunch of boxes with the Manager of Development Adrienne Swain Smith. Helping to raise awareness for the need of boxes as well as food -- because they need something in which to deliver the food to the scores of recipients.

Snake River Stampede Parade (7/16/2011) I rode in the parade in a horse drawn covered school bus! Vern Carpenter of Brown Bus Company built it, and Mike Hanley and his horses drove it- and won another Blue Ribbon!

Melba 4th of July Parade - I won a Blue Ribbon! I rode in a fun Roadster owned by Rees Bradshaw, driven by his daughter Charli. I decorated it with Flags and Red & White roses with blue ribbons... and tossed candy to kids.

Thanks a bunch - please let me know if you need further information.

Christy Stansell

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