Mrs. Idaho America 2011

Mrs. Idaho America 2011 Kristie Bear

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mrs. Idaho America Pageant Day 1 and Day 2

Kimberly, Kaley, Leslie, Faith, Nadia, Beverly

Jamie, Beverly

Kaley, Leslie, Faith

Kimberly, Beverly

Caitlyn, Vada, Becky

On Thursday after our orientation and registration we did a quick swimsuit check and then went into rehearsals. After that the ladies took pictures with all of our their sponsor gifts OH SO FUN!!! From there we went to the Queens' dinner at Marie Calendar's and had GREAT food and the ladies exchanged gifts with their secret sister.

Today was rehearsal followed by the one on one interviews with the judges. The ladies all looked amazing in their interview suits. Sorry we didn't get any pictures in the interview suits we were to busy visiting with the ladies as they were going into interview and coming out of interview.

We will post more pictures of the events from tomorrow. But for now we are off to sleep to prep for another busy day of pageant activities.

GOOD LUCK to all the ladies! We are all VERY proud of you!!


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